Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My daily day dreaming...

At work day dreaming about drifting. Now I got a place to share those thoughts with whoever is out there reading my blogs. Yea, I guess that's how I got good in racing and drifting without much practice; by thinking about it almost every waking moment. It's a sickness. It makes me unmotivated to do anything else including work... I just want to drift...

Long Beach was cool. It was an honor to drive on a historic race track where race legends once shined. I was so excited last Friday that I forgot I was suppose to drift. I drove the corners at speed and it was so fun! I love turn 1 to 4 where the fountain is. Those turns could be connected with one big drift. Not gaining full traction with the tarmac until after turn 4. If I dared I could probably connect to turn 5 without a manji but no point risking the car when Formula D Atlanta is just around the corner.
Thanks Chris, Sean and Andrew from VQSwap.com for their help and support. They are die hard people who are almost non-existence nowadays.
We have good people in the team this year. Just need to get the cars dialed in a bit more.

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