Thursday, April 26, 2007

Atlanta Formula Drift in two weeks!

Back to Atlanta! One of my favorite track in the Formula Drift circuit.

Tickets going there are expensive! $400 a piece!

We got a transport to go there. We need one more car to split the cost. $2,000 a car on an 3-car open trailer with a little bit of room for spaces. Contact me if interested.

The S14 was put back together by Chris. During the team drift comp last Sunday at Long Beach. I misjudged my speed and got too close to Chris on turn 4. I thought I could have made it through the high curb but failed. The car bounced off the curb, sending the car a feet in the air, and broke the driver side front strut top mount.

Photo shoot tonight at the shop of Need 4 Speed Motorsport. Thanks the photographer Julian Jackson from for donating his time for us.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Picture taken by Orange Co. Paprazzi at the Long Beach GP with my Chris.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Taxes due today!

Well, I feel professionally obligated to remind all the people out there that taxes is due today. It might be a good thing for those who is getting a refund and it might be a nigthmare for those owe Uncle Sam. Drop me an email if you need help in taxes or accounting.

My daily day dreaming...

At work day dreaming about drifting. Now I got a place to share those thoughts with whoever is out there reading my blogs. Yea, I guess that's how I got good in racing and drifting without much practice; by thinking about it almost every waking moment. It's a sickness. It makes me unmotivated to do anything else including work... I just want to drift...

Long Beach was cool. It was an honor to drive on a historic race track where race legends once shined. I was so excited last Friday that I forgot I was suppose to drift. I drove the corners at speed and it was so fun! I love turn 1 to 4 where the fountain is. Those turns could be connected with one big drift. Not gaining full traction with the tarmac until after turn 4. If I dared I could probably connect to turn 5 without a manji but no point risking the car when Formula D Atlanta is just around the corner.
Thanks Chris, Sean and Andrew from for their help and support. They are die hard people who are almost non-existence nowadays.
We have good people in the team this year. Just need to get the cars dialed in a bit more.