Thursday, May 22, 2008

Release of Adventures of Johnny Tao starring Chris Yen

Adventures of Johnny Tao" starring Chris Yen directed by Kenn Scott is being released to home video on July 29.

Please go to the publicists' website and see the press release, stills and artwork and release information.

Go see it!!! It's a film for the whole family!!! Chris Yen is awesome in the movie!!! See her kick some ass!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Taniguchi and Orido Lessons on Drifting for Beginners

I know this is in Japanese that most of you probably don't understand. However, at least these videos will give you a visual of the techniques in drifting. Starting from the very basic circles, please note the hand/foot work and timing of the driver. The key is to keep the revs up because the car will not have enough power to spin the tires if the revs are low. Don't worry about hitting red line as most cars have rev limiters. Keep an eye on your car's temperature when practicing to avoid overheating.

The key is to let the steering wheel to do its work and control the car with your throttle. The steering wheel will counter steer for you and all you have to do is to feed minute input into the steering wheel to change the direction of where you want the car to go. Don't be afraid to mesh on the throttle at the right time.

Most beginners will experience understeering. Understeering is when the car will not go the direction of when you turn your steering wheel to. Back off the throttle and let the front tire regain traction when that happens. Continue to mesh on the throttle when you are understeering will only cause you to understeer more in most cases.

Step 1) Tight circles:

Step 2) Open circles:

Step 3) Figure 8

Step 4) Power Oversteer

Step 5) Ebrake and Brake Control

Step 6) All Techniques Combined

Nomuken touching on basics of drifting

Although not that comprehensive, this video contains very useful information for beginners. Practice makes perfect. Find a safe place and practice doing donuts with the techniques explained in the video.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

7.9 Earthquake in China...

A 7.9 quake struck Western China on Monday. Officials said more than 12,000 people had died in Sichuan province alone and more were reported killed elsewhere, but the figures are expected to soar as a clearer picture emerges.

Please consider a donation to the Earthquake Relief Fund to help the earthquake relief work. Any amount will be appreciated.

If interested, please write your check out to STSERF (Sing Tao Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund) and Mail to:

Sing Tao
625 Kearny St.
San Francisco, CA 94108

About Sing Tao Newspaper: Founded in Hong Kong in 1938, Sing Tao Daily is the leader among all Chinese media in serving the Chinese community worldwide. Opening its first international office in San Francisco in 1975, Sing Tao opened offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, London, Paris, Auckland and Sydney. In all, the company now has twenty-two offices globally.

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Conrad Grunewald in car at Atlanta Formula D 2008

Formula Drift Atlanta 2008 Friday seeded practice. One of my good friends Conrad Grunewald in the Tanaka Racing. I like how relax he is in the car and control the car with his throttle.


Tandem with Dai's GTO: