Thursday, May 15, 2008

Taniguchi and Orido Lessons on Drifting for Beginners

I know this is in Japanese that most of you probably don't understand. However, at least these videos will give you a visual of the techniques in drifting. Starting from the very basic circles, please note the hand/foot work and timing of the driver. The key is to keep the revs up because the car will not have enough power to spin the tires if the revs are low. Don't worry about hitting red line as most cars have rev limiters. Keep an eye on your car's temperature when practicing to avoid overheating.

The key is to let the steering wheel to do its work and control the car with your throttle. The steering wheel will counter steer for you and all you have to do is to feed minute input into the steering wheel to change the direction of where you want the car to go. Don't be afraid to mesh on the throttle at the right time.

Most beginners will experience understeering. Understeering is when the car will not go the direction of when you turn your steering wheel to. Back off the throttle and let the front tire regain traction when that happens. Continue to mesh on the throttle when you are understeering will only cause you to understeer more in most cases.

Step 1) Tight circles:

Step 2) Open circles:

Step 3) Figure 8

Step 4) Power Oversteer

Step 5) Ebrake and Brake Control

Step 6) All Techniques Combined

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