Thursday, April 26, 2007

Atlanta Formula Drift in two weeks!

Back to Atlanta! One of my favorite track in the Formula Drift circuit.

Tickets going there are expensive! $400 a piece!

We got a transport to go there. We need one more car to split the cost. $2,000 a car on an 3-car open trailer with a little bit of room for spaces. Contact me if interested.

The S14 was put back together by Chris. During the team drift comp last Sunday at Long Beach. I misjudged my speed and got too close to Chris on turn 4. I thought I could have made it through the high curb but failed. The car bounced off the curb, sending the car a feet in the air, and broke the driver side front strut top mount.

Photo shoot tonight at the shop of Need 4 Speed Motorsport. Thanks the photographer Julian Jackson from for donating his time for us.

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