Saturday, January 19, 2008

XS Engineering R32 Time Attack at Buttonwillow

This is a while ago when it did a 1:49.21 in 2006. The RB26 is has a Tomie stroker kit upping the displacement to 2.8. Listen it roars to a stunning 9,700rpm redline. I love the sound of the RB.

On the turn before Lost Hill and the turn after the Esses, it looks like the driver could have taken at WOT but he held back just a little. I believe his time could definitely be improved by a full second.

Now the time attack record is held by the HKS CT230 Evo driven by Taniguchi putting up a 1:43. I can't wait to see the record broken again. This is a healthy competition and should boost up the tuner market here in the USA. If anybody looking for a time attack driver, I am available. I know Buttonwillow pretty well and did a respectable 2:03 with my 300hp mildly modified S14 on Falken Azenis RT-615.

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