Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Taking a break...

After careful consideration, I have decided to take a break from professional drifting to devote myself to my better half and my career at my new job at Nestle.

Drifting had brought me a lot of fun. I met a few good people. We shed sweats and blood at the tracks together. Drank like a fish. Smoked like a chimney. There were also not so pleasant and disappointing episodes.

From 2005-06, I started driving a team car that was not mine. That was when things started to get disappointing. The car was never quite ready and I hated it when I had to find out moments before I went on track that the car had problems. At the same time, the level of competition was also becoming more and more competitive. However, because of car problems, most of the time I was simply taking time off from work, flying all over the place to the events, spectating and helping out the team; doing everything except the chance to sit behind the steering wheel. I had my chances when the car ran ok and I did the best I could but I felt I had too much to prove to myself and my team and I fucked up a few times. It was then I started realizing that I was not even having that much fun anymore.

This year, I got burnt by a guy whom I thought were friends. Took advantage of me. Used my reputation to solicit monetary sponsorships that I was unaware of.

Then I joined another team, everything worked well and we did pretty well for a brand new car at Sonoma. However, due to lack of funds and lack of time, I was not able to fulfill my duty as a driver to attend all the events expected by the team. This discrepancy in expectations eventually led me to consider taking a break from professional drifting.

Now, I feel free. I don't need to beg for help, I don't need to spend more money, I don't need to worry about this and that. Now I can just focus to build a better life with my better half. Focus on my career at my new job. I feel free, I feel good, no more pressure.

My better half and I still attend practice events and drift for fun. We just got a S14 street car.

Thanks for reading. I guess it's official now. Don't know when I will make a come back but if things look right, I will definitely compete again.

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Benson H said...

hubert, your message sounds familiar. welcome to the real world! you have a good job - drifting will always be there, but your career and financial stability might not be! life is good for me now... it's still hard to deal with not being out there competing against the old friends but i am a lot happier now without all of the hustling i had to do before.